Cardboard coasters for beer

landing header cervesa 16-6
landing header cervesa 16-6
Increase the visibility of your brand:
round, square, personalised beer mats, amazing shapes.
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Why choose Inkpres cardboard beer mats?
  • Beermat cardboard, this material is known for its excellent absorption properties and for the quality of the finish when printing.
  • Round, square format, incredible shapes.
  • Custom beer mats.
  • Reusable more than 10 times.
  • National manufacturing, commitment to sustainable local commerce.
  • Premium quality control.
  • Fast delivery.
  • High absorption
    High absorption
  • Any shape
    Any shape
  • Reusable
  • Manufactured in Europe
    Manufactured in Europe
  • Premium quality
    Premium quality
  • Fast delivery
    Fast delivery
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Be seen everywhere!
  • Beer mats are a unique marketing tool to boost your brand's visibility and recognition. Be original and go viral with your personalised beer mats.

    Reach your end customer and be part of their memories.
    landing cervesa 02
    landing cervesa 02
  • Beer mats survive the passing of time, reinventing themselves with new shapes and materials

    You can customise them with your brand colours, logo, etc. The limits of creativity are set by you, we take care of guaranteeing you the best quality and experience.
    landing cervesa 01
    landing cervesa 01
  • When choosing beer mats, it is important to go for an absorbent cardboard, a product that can be reused, since the goal is that interaction with the end customer, to accompany them in their best moments and even become a souvenir of their experience

    A marketing tool that cannot be missing from your strategy.
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    landing cervesa 03