Special beermats

There are moments when every detail matters. At Inkpres we have special beermats with various finishes to add an extra touch of quality and sophistication.
Our team will help you to achieve a unique design that is distinct from standard beermats. 
What are the features of special beermats?
  • High-quality printing on both sides.
  • Absorbent beermat cardboard of 1.5 mm thickness and 600 gr/m2.
  • The beermats stay looking fresh for up to 10 uses.
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  • special coasters in stamping
  • spot gloss uv varnish reserve coasters
  • Pantone printed beermats
  • special coasters in stamping
  • spot gloss uv varnish reserve coasters
  • Pantone printed beermats
special coasters
  • coasters with pantone inks
    Pantone inks
    You can print your beermats using a specific ink type, such as metallic.
  • varnish coasters
    Varnish finish
    The varnish gives the print a higher gloss finish.
  • scented coasters
    Believe it or not, we can add scents to our beermats. Rubbing the beermats gives off a special fragrance.
  • custom shaped coasters
    Special shapes
    We make beermats in all imaginable shapes. You just have to get your creativity flowing or leave it in the hands of our team of experts.
  • scratch and win coasters
    "Scratch and win" ink
    This option involves adding scratch-off ink on top of a code or message. You can choose from various shades.
  • extra thick coasters
    Extra thickness of 3mm
    We can make thicker beermats on demand.
  • Quality control
    Our team of experts reviews the designs and adjusts all the details to create the perfect result.

    During the printing process, the colour tones are monitored strictly and optimal packaging is used so that the beer mats reach our customers in excellent condition.
    quality control beermats
Frequently asked questions about special beermats
  • Order
  • Standard beermats
  • Special beermats
  • Order
    • What are the available forms of payment?
      We accept credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and PayPal.
    • Can a different image be printed on each side of the beermat?
      Yes, it is possible to print different images on each side of the beermat, with no price increase.
    • How much is shipping?
      The price for insured shipping is included in all orders.
    • What can I do if I don't have a design?
      Don't worry! We can take care of the design without adding additional costs for you. Our expert team will help you with your design.
    • How do I know if my design is right for printing?
      We take care of checking designs to match our specifications.
    • What resolution are the beermats printed in?
      The printing resolution of the images is 300 dpi. The result obtained is of the highest quality.
    • How can I order higher amounts?
      Just fill in the quote form or send an email to info@inkpres.com
  • Standard beermats
    • What are the coasters made of?
      They are made of absorbent wood pulp cardboard. The 1.5 mm beermat board has been introduced into the Spanish market exclusively by our brand.
  • Special beermats
    • How are they printed?
      The standard beermats are printed in four-colour on both sides, with the option to choose a different image for each side of the beermat.