absorbent cardboard coasters
  • Beermats
    Beermats are one of a brewery's most important promotional products.  Beermats create brand awareness and help drive sales. 

    If you want to advertise your beer, distributing beermats is a perfect tactic. 

    These items are also collectibles. Many customers will share their beermat collections to other users, even through social networks. It's a great way to promote your brand at a low cost.

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  • Branded beermats
    Our beermats will help you stand out from the competition and increase your sales.

    Distribute your own designs to clients, restaurants, hotels and bars, as well as other ideal places to reach your target audience.

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  • Beermats for hospitality
    Reflect your business brand on your beermats so customers distinguish you from the competition. 

    Use your beermat to transmit the values and philosophy of your establishment or brand

    An excellent option is to kit out your local with beermats with phrases.

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  • Advertising beer mats
    Use the beer mats at events and in leisure facilities where consumers are relaxed and receptive. 

    These situations are ideal for advertising your brand or sharing a specific message with your ideal client.

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Tour the Inkpres Beermat Factory
Our company specializes in manufacturing beermats. We use top-quality cardboard that is exclusive to our brand and incorporate the latest technology for printing and design.

The Inkpres Beermat Factory team takes maximum care of product quality and ensures customer satisfaction at all times.
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